Flora LimFlora Lim is known for her dramatic and riveting stage presence, combined with a passionate and uninhibited interpretative style. An inspiring and confident performer, she charms audiences of all ages with her expressive playing. Her deeply affecting performances on both the flute and piano include a wide repertoire ranging from classical to folk to contemporary. Concerts may be designed to suit the requirements of a particular concert series or programme.

Audio Samples

  1. Over the Rainbow (piano)
  2. The Water is Wide (flute)
  3. If Ever I Would Leave You (piano)
  4. Gabriel’s Oboe (flute)
  5. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (flute)

What Audiences are Saying:

With Mr Huggett

“Impressive flute-playing… absolutely magical! Flora Lim is a great discovery.”
Audrey Ashley (Ottawa Citizen)

“Flora strokes and dances over the piano keys in such an expressive and sensitive way to a beautiful painting whose depth and wisdom are open to the cosmos.”
Brian Pollard (Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam, Fellow of the Royal College of Music, UK)

“Flora Lim is a gorgeous flutist.”
Helen Spielman (University of North Carolina)


For more information on inviting this consummate performer to your event or venue,
please call 905 472 4195 or send an email.

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