The Flute Studio

Flute enthusiasts of all levels and ages are taught by performing and recording artist Flora Lim. An inspiring and engaging teacher, Ms Lim has a small number of openings for serious students only. Her caring and nurturing approach seeks to develop each student’s musical potential in an environment that makes the well-being of each student a priority.


Flute StudentIn a positive and supportive learning environment, students of all ages and backgrounds receive private instruction on the flute designed to meet each student’s individual needs and interests depending on whether they wish to prepare for examinations, for auditions or simply to play for pleasure. Music selected from wide-ranging sources helps each student build a comprehensive musical vocabulary. Students can expect to receive a thorough musical education built on a solid foundation of technique accompanied by the cultivation of an expressive musical range.

Listening to recordings, watching carefully selected videos and attending concerts are important aspects of each student’s musical development.

Performing Opportunities

Flute lessonsTwo highly anticipated semi-annual concerts allow students to experience the pleasure of sharing their favourite music with a most appreciative audience. The performances are followed by an equally enjoyable “afternoon tea” featuring homemade gourmet delights!

Students are encouraged to take advantage of additional performing opportunities at school and other places in the community. Preparing for Royal Conservatory Examinations and music festivals can be additional motivating goals for students.

Ensuring Musical Success

MasterclassWeekly lessons ensure regular feedback for maximum progress and lesson duration depends upon the age and the playing level of the student as determined by the artistic director. Regular practicing is essential for musical success and parents of younger students may be asked to take notes in lessons to aid with home practicing. Younger students may also start on the fife or the recorder in preparation for the flute. Parents can then share in their child’s musical journey in a more meaningful manner. Success depends upon establishing a regular practice routine early on, as well as developing good playing habits from the start. Students are expected to have access to a well-maintained flute – ask your teacher for recommendations.

To discuss inviting Flora Lim to your school to present engaging and inspiring workshops and masterclasses, please call 905 472 4195 or send an email.

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