Flora Lim

Flora Lim has received accolades from enthusiastic North American audiences, with performances on CBC television and TV Ontario.  As a collaborative pianist, she was involved in a successful series of dramatic musical presentations of Leslie Huggett’s memoirs Reflections of a Part-Time Optimist.

Early in her career, Ms Lim was the recipient of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra’s Fonds les amis de l’art  prize and Flute Talk magazine’s Young Artist Competition’s first prize (USA). A graduate of the University of Toronto, Ms Lim’s musical path began with traditional conservatory training and she credits the mentoring of Leslie Huggett in transforming her approach to music-making. This singular journey encompassed many aspects of the artistic spectrum, resulting in the development of a highly expressive musical palette which is revealed in her deeply human playing.

In recognition of her passionate commitment to music education, Ms Lim was invited to join the academy as a partner in 2008 and is now its Artistic Director. An inspiring and dedicated teacher, she has a unique ability to draw out the best in each of her students. Ms Lim has also been commissioned to write articles for the music magazines The Instrumentalist and Flute Talk. Ms Lim is frequently invited to conduct highly interactive workshops and masterclasses in schools. Nurturing musical potential in others is apriority for her and she continues to derive great satisfaction and joy from helping her students further their musical horizons through finding their own unique voice. Ms Lim is a member of the British Flute Society and the National Flute Association (USA) and is now also a trained and licensed Kindermusik educator. In addition, she is an Royal Conservatory of Music Elemntary Piano Teacher Specialist.

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